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Ohio Mortgage Broker License


Ohio Mortgage Broker Requirements

Mortgage brokers and loan originators in Ohio are licensed and regulated by the Financial Institutions Division of the Ohio Department of Commerce.

A person wishing to become a mortgage broker must submit an application, a fingerprint card, a registration fee, a zoning permit if applicable, a photograph of the proposed office location, evidence of at least three years experience in the mortgage lending field, a registration fee, a surety bond in the amount of $50,000 and a statement attesting that the person has not been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a criminal offense which is a felony or to any criminal offense involving fraud. The Division must investigate the financial condition, experience, character and general fitness of the applicant, including requesting a criminal background check.

Certificates of registration may be renewed annually by filing a renewal application and paying an annual registration fee. Each mortgage broker office must be individually registered. If an office is relocated, the registrant must obtain a new certificate of registration prior to conducting business at the new location.

Loan Officer Requirements in Ohio

Each individual loan officer who works for a registered mortgage broker must submit a loan officer application, a fingerprint card, a verification of employment form, and a nonrefundable license fee. The Division must request a criminal background check on the individual.

Loan officer licenses may be renewed annually by filing a renewal application, and providing proof that the loan officer has met continuing education requirements, and paying an annual license fee.

Ohio Mortgage Licensing Fees

The state of Ohio charges a non-refundable application fee in the amount of $350 for mortgage brokers.

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