American Mortgage Licensing
Why Choose American Mortgage Licensing?

  State mortgage license applications and requirements are extremely complex. Can you imagine what your loan applications would look like if you had your customer fill it out on their own, along with all of the necessary documentation? It wouldn't be pretty. The same can be said for a broker or lender trying to work their way through all of the legal documents and applications to ensure that their company is properly compliant and licensed in each state.

Time is of the essence, or more importantly, lost time equals lost opportunity. I can't begin to tell you how many times people contact us and tell us about the horror stories of trying to obtain their license and how long it took them, or in many cases how they were denied after going through the entire process and paying the non-refundable application fee. Why take this chance? The sooner you are approved, the faster you will be accepting applications and making money in these states. Our service fees represent a small fraction of the total licensing cost. Putting your trust in our company will pay back dividends and save you the headaches, frustration and the amount of money that you will lose in your time invested in this process.

Why Choose AML Over the Next Guy?

  1. Honesty and Integrity - How many companies fully explain all of the necessary costs involved in the licensing process? Not very many… They try to hook you with one low price and then forget to mention that your company will also have to pay all kinds of additional fees or they outsource certain services for you to pay fees to a third party company. We take an upfront approach with potential clients. We would rather be honest and lose money, than have a client who doesn't qualify go through this process. This is just how we prefer to do business. Always look at a company's website in regards to what they provide. Are they providing you with necessary information that will assist your company or are they just trying to get the sales pitch to you so you'll call in?

  2. Experience - By viewing the information on our site it is fairly clear to see that we know what we're talking about. We constantly get complements from potential customers in regards to knowing and providing more information than the other guys, both on the internet and from our phone conversations. We have been licensing brokers and bankers successfully for close to 7 years. Our experience and relationships with the state agencies ensure that your applications will be approved expeditiously.

  3. Pricing - Our pricing for licensing, foreign qualifications and registered agents is extremely competitive and by far the lowest of other premium providers. We encourage clients to shop and compare the total service and pricing from other providers in this industry. Always make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

  4. Monthly Installments - Most licensing companies want all their fees up front or they charge you more money to pay on the back end. We hold ourselves accountable by charging you monthly installments. You can be certain that we're going to do our jobs to keep you happy. Otherwise, you're not going to want to pay. Providing monthly installments also saves your company out of pocket dollars up front.

  5. Online Status - You will receive a log-in ID where you will always have access to check the latest status of your mortgage license applications. Not many companies provide this service. This is just another way that we keep you informed and hold ourselves accountable to committing to our promises.

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