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Arizona Mortgage Broker License


Arizona Mortgage Broker Requirements

Mortgage brokers in Arizona are governed by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

Mortgage brokers seeking an Arizona mortgage license must maintain a physical office within the state of Arizona. If one cannot meet this qualification, they may operate as a licensed mortgage broker under a "Responsible Individual" who is already licensed in the state of Arizona (Please call for more information). Mortgage brokers must have three years of experience in the mortgage industry, or have equivalent lending experience in a related industry during the five years immediately preceding the time of the application. All applicants must attend a mortgage broker school approved by the state superintendent. They must also pass the Arizona mortgage broker's test.

Arizona Mortgage Licensing Fees

The state of Arizona currently charges $800 to apply for a mortgage broker license. There is also a $29 finger print fee as well as a $50 state examination fee.

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